Sunday, February 10, 2008

Quick Recap of Indescribable (part 1)

It was another great night at Ridge Church. Part 1 of our new series"Indescribable", and the first time introducing Louie Giglio at our church.

Honestly, this whole deal (church planting) is very hard work...even physically difficult and exhausting as we load into a rented facility every service and attempt to create incredible environments that place people in a great posture to experience God. But it is so rewarding to watch and partner with people on the journey. People in various places spiritually...some moving toward/considering God for the first time, others coming back after a long time away, and some just deeping their faith connecting with God in a way they never thought possible. It's refreshing.

I know every Pastor says the people in their church are the best. It's like the thing you are supposed to say I think. I assure you that I feel no pressure to say anthing just because I'm supposed to say it...but, I really do honestly enjoy both our staff and volunteers at Ridge. They work so hard and sacrifice so much for the vision of this church. We have great people.

God is aligning a dream team of talent and people with servant hearts around us as well--talented and compassionate. It's literally amazing to be a part of. Trust me when I say the pictures in this post are just a small taste of what you would experience if you came out to a worship service.

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