Monday, February 4, 2008

Rollin’ out our best for Group Link

It's a privilege to work with talented people and I have a team full of them! In addition to my staff team at Ridge Church, I also have the unique privilege of being married to a phenom of creativity and a natural leader. Every time my wife rolls out one of those unbelievable and way over the top themed kid's birthday party's (had a Barbie look alike at one party)---she always gets requests to plan the parties of others. I married up---hope you did!

So my wife, our groups director Adam Ponder, and superstar volunteer, Marla Baswell led the charge to plan, create, organize, and unveil our first Group Link at Ridge Church. All of our staff and many other volunteers also pitched in to make this night an overwhelming success.

We transformed the facility that we meet in, to communicate our church strategy of creating environments that make sense. We want our environments to help people to get connected relationally regardless of where they are in the spiritual spectrum. We explain our strategy with the imagery of the "Kitchen, Living Room, and Foyer " in a home. (More about our strategy here)

We successfully connected around 65 adults in this first group link and can't wait to hear the incredible stories that will emerge in the days ahead...and we know they will.

Ridge Church is truly an exciting group to be a part of right now. You can sense the energy and excitement from the parking lot, to the hallways, to the children and adult worship environments. We keep hearing stories from many of you describing peoples' excitement about Ridge. Thanks for sharing. The next piece of the puzzle and logical next step is making the move to become a "Sunday Morning Church." Many of you have stepped up and committed to place your shoulders under this church financially to help us move successfully to Sunday morning. We want to make this move while maintaining the high level of excellence that is the standard at Ridge Church. In short, we are asking 45 families, or individuals to commit to become percentage givers to help us get there. I will continue updates of our progress on my blog. Thanks for being a part of this un believable opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people across Charlotte. Keep spreading the word about Ridge...and thanks for responding so generously to the VISION!

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