Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have a winner!

Okay maybe the $20 gift card needs to be to auto zone to pick up a new wiper blade for the owner? (picture not taken by the owner by the way)...but we do have a winner! Gift card will go in the mail.

If you want to be a part of the Ridge Church epedimic and help spread the word, contact us here, and we will send you a decal. Be sure to give us your mailing address.

Our Facility Search:

Ridge Church met for almost a year as we developed a core team of people that fully embrace the mission and vision of this church. Then just a few months ago we launched this church publicly...kind of like a grand opening.

We have now had 16 services and are currently meeting on Sunday nights in a rented facility that we transform every week. No seriously...not a few chairs and a baby bed or two. We are talking literal transformation. Our volunteers and staff are highly creative, motivated, and commited to what we believe God intends for this church to be and do in this city. Here are a few pics that will give you an idea:

That last picture is "Upstreet" our environment for children K-5th grade. It's really unbelievable! It is so engaging for children. They are bringing their parents back to church each week.

...Back to the facility:

We are excited and ready to make the move from Sunday nights to Sunday mornings. We have watched the church grow from a core team about 45-50 people to 175+ in just 16 services [meeting at night!], and we can't wait to see what happens when we move to a Sunday morning meeting time...we know it will be a much easier invite for families with small children!

You can help us get there. I am asking 45 individuals or families to step up and commit to becoming percentage income givers at Ridge Church so we can make an offer on an A.M. facility. 22 different families and individuals have stepped up with commitments already. Click here to sign up as a Vision Partner for this exciting new movement called Ridge Church.

We are looking at three facilities currently. Two are waiting on an offer from us!! These are exciting days. We will see these days in the rear view mirror soon and realize how significant and life altering our commitments and sacrifices really were. I know God intends for us to bless this city. Waiting to hear from you!!!

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