Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fascinated with "God glasses"

I'm both fascinated and overwhelmed with this idea of seeing the world around me through God's eyes. What if today we saw as he sees? I know that if we could some how align ourselves with him...get in rhythm with Him, see what he sees, that the result would be a change in us and and the world we live in would ultimatley be changed. This thought and prayer overwhelmed me this morning.

If I said "Hagiazo" you'd say "Gazoontite" right? (By the way when some one sneezes and you say Gazoontie, it is the German word for health--that was free!) "Hagiazo" isn't a projectile sneeze, rather it is a Greek word meaning "sanctify". I cleared that right up since we all know what sanctify means, huh?

Short explanation---Stay with me, there is a point and it's important: This word sanctify means to "set a part." In fact this word is often used in the Bible to contrast "Koinos (which means common)" In other words, when you "sanctify something you are replacing a common use with a God use--or you could even say that when you sanctify something you using it for it's intended God purpose. (for a person, sanctification is when they allow themselves to be used for God's purposes--this is where truly living begins by the way)

This is a contagious and exciting thought for me! You, see Ridge Church (only 15 services old) is in search of a location, and facility to meet in on Sunday mornings. And I am praying for "Hagiazo"...that God would allow us to "sanctify" a place. How exhilarating is that? Soon we will take a place now being used for a common use and convert it for God use.

So, I (we) need to see as God sees. To us it may be a warehouse, a senior center, a YMCA, a school, but seen through His eyes it's a place for Ridge Church to promote life change, see marriages restored, see children experience unconditional love, see purpose realized! I can't wait to sanctify that place. But it's up to us...

If you are excited about this prospect, and love the vision of Ridge like we do, then sign up to be a vision partner (see as God sees). We need 45 families or households to partner with us to help us make the move. We believe this is possibly the greatest spiritual opportunity of our lives! This is an opportunity for us to invest in something that will outlast us! How inspiring and fulfilling is that? Sign up today and partner with us---invest in something that will out last you.

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