Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anyone up for a Contest?

Yesterday, I got in my truck and said out loud "Thankyou, God for windshield wipers," then I got cracked up thinking about how it could have looked--me talking to myself? to God? about windshield wipers. (If you've ever seen anyone in the car by themselves talking to themselves, or singing out with passion, you know why I was laughing at myself) I was that guy for a moment.

But, windshield wipers aren't anything to be all that excited about, right? I bet the car that drove behind me for 20 minutes in pouring rain, in South Charlotte traffic--while my wind shield wipers weren't working would beg to differ! (I hope it was raining too hard for them to see my Ridge Church sticker!)

I figured my windshield wipers were done for--money waiting to be spent---you know the feeling:-) But Rusty (our service program director at Ridge) popped in a new fuse and I was good to go. So last night and again this morning...I had a new context for the small but significant blessing of functioning windshield wipers. Trust don't even know how much more relaxed you are on your rainy day commute because of this little invention.

Got me thinking...Are you up for a contest?

Well, this reference to my Ridge decal along with two other conversations this week about people spotting Ridge car decals around town got me thinking. I think a little contest is in order. Ridge Church is just starting to be a recognizable name in the community which is a lot of fun.

**Here's the contest**
For the first person that emails me ( or click here) a picture of a Ridge Church decal on a car I will send you a $20 gift card to either Dunkin Donut or Caribou (your pick). For all of you scheming cheaters that were already figuring out how to beat the system, here are the rules:
  1. Decal Cannot be on your car
  2. Decal Cannot be on your spouse or family car
  3. Decal Cannot be from your community group
  4. Decal Cannot be from the Ridge Church parking lot
**Please, drive safely you camera phone, radicals!!

If you'd like a Ridge decal click here, fill out the form and we will mail you one--be sure to put your mailing address. I'll post the pics on my blog as I receive them.

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Josh Via said...

Great service tonight bro. Thanks for letting us be a part of it! Love ya man. .josh.