Thursday, February 7, 2008

Do the next right thing

Do the next right thing! Here's a simple thought. Today in your office, at your school, in your marriage, with your finances, in that business deal, in your relationship to God, with your kids, just focus on doing the next right thing. Some where along the way, when you string together a few "next right things" it results in a very different life--and I know most people long for that secretly if not openly. But for now, just stay focused on doing the next right thing. This is one of the challenges a group of us extend to one another each Thursday morning as we meet.

That same group is discussing "7 practices of Effective Ministry" and we are beginning to unpack some really valuable leadership stuff that has application for our personal lives, personal leadership, businesses, and definitely for Ridge Church. The thoughts, quotes, questions that stood out today:
  1. Every team needs a scoreboard, a way to keep score that identifies "when we are winning"...even our children wonder, "Did I do good, daddy?"
  2. As long as the "win" is unclear, you force your team to guess what a win looks like. Do you (or those that work for you) know when you have been successful?
  3. If the win is unclear, you may force those in leadership roles to define winning in their own terms (NOT GOOD!)--- produces turf wars, sideways energy, very little traction and very little if any forward momentum.
  4. My favorite--(this is important if you are the boss, owner, pastor, or even if you have people that work for you in some capacity)...As long as people are winning they will give you, their time, their money, and their hearts. IT'S JUST TRUE!
**"When people (organizations) are winning and they know it, they work harder, are less negative, trust the leadership more, give more generously, and stay involved" (pg 77) Wouldn't you like to lead or work in an organization where people possessed those qualities? Clarify the win for your team (whatever that team may be).

Tell someone about Ridge Church this week. Help us spread the word about this exciting new church. Our new series "Indescribable" by Louie Gigilio begins, Sunday.

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patrick mitchell said...

I'm still not hungry after that grits bowl this morning! discussing one of the greatest books ever over breakfast... good stuff.
Thanks for clarifying the win for us at Ridge man!